official facts & figures

MA in Psychology,  graduated in 2005 from Gdańsk University, Poland

Graduated from the Process Work Diploma Programme at PTPP (Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologii Procesu), Warsaw, Poland with over 1000h of training

Internships at the Psychiatric Hospital and Oncological Ward of the Gdańsk Medical University’s Clinical Centre

Active in private practice since 2008

personal story

I first heard about Mindell’s Process Work in 2005 at one of my last seminars at the university. It took me a year of Ph.D. studies (which I abandoned because I wanted to work with people, not with peer reviewed journals) to finally have a taste of what it is in practice. I was delighted because it was still psychological, but also included less “rational” aspects of the psyche (and body). So I enrolled as a PW student. Little did I know that this journey was going to be this long, but it was worth it. I underwent a lot of transformations, including a deep questioning whether PW is the right thing for me and my clients. After almost 10 years, I can say that it is. It is by no means the golden cure and it doesn’t answer all the question (I don’t trust anything that claims it does), but I find PW a very useful framework that is in harmony with my values. Plus I get to work with dreams!

Did I tell you that I love dreams? One of the pains of rising early is that the best dreams arrive in the morning. I am in constant awe of what our mind is capable of in terms of creation, stories, structures, places, worlds… And, of course, deep meaning, psychological and spiritual.

When delving into the human psyche becomes too much, I like to read a good book (sci-fi fan), try to wrap my head around some scientific stuff (physics & cosmology mainly), play my guitar or ride a bike. Or cuddle with my dog. Wait, I like to cuddle with my dog no matter what circumstances.