Help is here

If you need support, feel down or stuck, have difficulties coping with your life issues, relationship related or otherwise, if you feel lost or just in need of someone who could help out, a meeting with a professional psychotherapist is something you might consider.

Please note: for the time being I work only online.

My work includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:
personal development, life changes
support in the course of somatic illnesses and physical symptoms
difficulties related to food and eating
identity-related topics (LGBTQ+ & other minorities)
Process work approach
I work within the process work (process oriented psychology) framework.

The actual experience of the person that’s looking for help is much more important than labels (such as depression, neurosis, norm, etc). I believe that the problems and symptoms provide us with important clues about person’s life path and growth direction. Practically it means that our work involves some talking (of course), probably some kind of body work (movement, subtle body feelings) and role-play. I also like to use drawing and dream interpretation. I’m especially open to working with any kind of minorities, be it sexual, cultural or otherwise. I am a strong believer in diversity and willing to help people find their inner strengths in the face of objective obstacles created by the social norm.

How long does the therapeutic process take?
It varies depending on the problem, on the person’s readiness, on the pace one requires. I usually say that it takes at least 3 months for some changes to show. I do have long-term clients (2-3 years), but I also did have clients who untangled themselves in less than a month. Usually, the first consultation gives a preliminary overview of the problem and I can try to estimate the time needed.

Psychotherapy online
Currently I only offer online sessions. Modern technology provides us with the opportunity to work together no matter where we live. It also makes therapy possible where social distancing restrictions are in place.