Joanna Boj

Psychotherapy, Counseling, Facilitation

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Process work

Healing happens when awareness helps facilitate inner states.

Getting unstuck means improving communication between your various inner parts.

I am a certified psychotherapist and my main professional focus helping individuals facilitate their inner processes. I work within process oriented psychology framework, but my practice incorporates various important ideas such as theory of attachment, modern trauma informed practices, mindfulness. No matter what technique or theory I use, I strive to be true to a set of core values (see below) with each client I have.

I am located in the UK, but I offer consultations and sessions online. You can read more about me here. Have a look around the website and see if I can be of any help to you.

Diversity & Equality

I believe that our world should be a place that accommodates all flavors of human expression. We are not identical yet we should all be treated in a respectful and just way. I say no to power abuse and marginalization of what is different than the average.

Love & Compassion

What is crucial for this world to be a good place for everyone is the cultivation of love and compassion – both in our inner realm of psyche and towards each other. It’s about embracing our common human experience with both its light and dark side.

Change & Growth

One of the greatest human strengths is the potential to grow and change. Change is a somewhat difficult task that often requires encouragement and support. Wisdom also helps, so that we are in harmony with our individual path and the rest of the world.

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